LDC4 — Сушильные шкафы (загрузка 4-20 кг)

  • Гибкая конструкция
  • 3 температуры
  • Защита от перегрева

Характеристика машин

* Flexible construction allows hanging bars to slide easely forward for easy access to garments or down for more space

* Easy to install; evacuating channel is connected to the ventilation system and the humid air is transported out of the room

* All electrical components are placed on the top which makes it easy to maintan

* Pull-out hanging system

* 3 temperatures: high, normal, low

* Overheat protection

* Energy efficient

* Timer adjustable up to 4 hours

* IP 24 classification, CE — approved

* The door can be ordered right or left hanged


* Baskets to drip dry on a flat surface

* Hangers for small items (door frame)

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