LDC8 — Сушильные шкафы (загрузка 4-20 кг)

  • Очень низкое потребление энергии
  • Система отслеживания влажности
  • 2 вентилятора

Характеристика машин

* Very low energy consumption, only 0,5 kWh/kg, very short drying time, 42 minutes
*  Four automatic programs and one program for timed drying
*  HTS — measures the level of humidity every single second, to determine exactly when the textiles are dry and 2 automatic programs; cabinet dry and iron dry.
* 16m  hanging length
* Double overheat-protection for increased security.
* The top is removable for easier handling and installation.
* Test program and error codes make it easier for maintenance
*  Double sheet metal in sides and doors minimize loss of energy
*  Hanging frame can be rotated 180°
* Two fans create perfect balance between evacuated and re-circulated air
* Service menu with possibilities to adjust the function of the cabinet


* Can be ordered with left-hand hanging frame
* Can be ordered with single rack bar
* Hook rack, set of three

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