LFDC6 — Сушильные шкафы (загрузка 4-20 кг)

  • Специально для тяжелой спецодежды
  • Процедура сушки делает пропитку твердой
  • Drying capacity of 6 large overalls

Характеристика машин

*  Drying process from the outside and inside
*  Adjustable programmes
*  Drying capacity of 6 large overalls equal to 20 kg
*  Drying procedure hardens the impregnation
* Gentle drying without friction
*  Three automatic programs and one program for timed drying
* Indoor lighting
*  Detachable hangers and racks for easier handling
*  Programme ends with “cool down” to room temperature


*  Racks for gloves and boots in stainless steel
*  Optional hangers to dry gloves and boots
*  Optional hangers for other garments and station wear

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