LS350HP — LS серия – промышленные барабанные сушильные машины большой загрузки (9-35 кг)

  • Загрузка 16 кг
  • Heat pump
  • система Radax®

Характеристика машин

* Heat pump

* Standard stainless steel drum with large diameter

* Easy-to-use microprocessor (ECT)Промышленная сушильная машина LS350HP

* Combination of Radial and Axial airflow — RADAX® concept:

— maximal heat transfer

— low energy consumption

— short drying time

* Large door opening for easy loading and unloading

* Self cleaning lint screen


* Coin operated version

* Reversing drum

* Full Control programmer (FCT)

* Residual moisture control Sensodry®:

— safe drying of delicate linen

— humidity detection in %

— ideal in combination with SoftWash®

— ideal for dry cleaners, fire depts

— available on Easy and Full Control

* Stainless steel front

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